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 MAGZI  becomes   MAGZI  Ltd.

Transformation of  MAGZI into a Public Limited Company.

Decree n° 2019/205 of 24 april 2019

Decree n° 2019/206 of 24 april 2019


1/ Surface area: 44 hectares

2/ The Bamenda Industrial zone can be classified under the developed zone type, due to the presence of energy supply, well tarred and accessible road network and water project currently going on.

3/ For the moment, we have one “ Accord de principe” (Sté LANACOME) and more than two Applicants.

4/ The future clients will be involved in :

  • Medical analysis
  • Food processing and transformation
  • Ware housing

5/ No infrastructure at the moment

6/ The closenest to neighbouring Nigeria, cheap labour and the willingness of North Westerners to work are some of the attractive activities of the North West Region.

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