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 MAGZI  becomes   MAGZI  Ltd.

Transformation of  MAGZI into a Public Limited Company.

Decree n° 2019/205 of 24 april 2019

Decree n° 2019/206 of 24 april 2019


In a bid to achieve a greater coverage of national territory, MAGZI intends to create new industrial zones, so as to be gradually present nationwide.

Thus, the creation of other zones has been planned for some years now. In a near future, new MAGZI industrial zones will be created. These include:

  • Yassa in Douala, Littoral Region – 400 hectares;
  • Dibombari in the Moungo, Littoral Region - 300 hectares;
  • Nomayos, Centre Region - 201 hectares;
  • Meyomessala, South Region – 100 hectares;
  • Kribi, South Region – 3,000 hectares (Port Industrial Zone).

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